The Black Tour 2024

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Ballsaal

Veranstalter: Mawi Concert

Hailing from the south coast of Sweden, the trailblazing alternative metalcore ensemble, Imminence, has boldly carved its niche in the musical realm over recent years. Defying all expectations, the quintet has meticulously crafted a sonic tapestry that transcends the boundaries of the genre. Their brave fusion of classical string arrangements interwoven with the raw power of ferocious Scandinavian metal creates a captivating auditory experience. In both sound and visuals, Imminence emerges as a beacon of innovation and excitement, establishing themselves not just as a band but as pioneers charting new territories in the ever-evolving musical landscape. Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett & Alex Arnoldsson, drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Christian Höijer; Imminence is set to unleash their musical prowess with the upcoming album ”The Black”. Brace yourselves and take a deep breath as Imminence prepares us for the great plunge into the depths of ”The Black”, an audacious promise of an unparalleled musical odyssey that defies convention and invites you to embark on the rise of a new genre classic. Out April 12th, 2024.Imminence opened a fresh chapter last year with already 5 singles out since June 2023. The new tracks Come Hell or High Water, Desolation, Heaven Shall Burn, Death by a Thousand Cuts and Continuum have quickly achieved millions of streams, worldwide attention and a rapid growth in social media following. These latest compositions stand as a testament to Imminence's evolution, marking some of their most innovative and progressive work to date. Venturing into a darker and more orchestral realm, the band continues to redefine the boundaries of the modern alternative scene. Imminence's exploration is more than just music; it's a daring descent into uncharted territories, solidifying their position as pioneers in the landscape of unique and highly innovative musical expressions. - ”This is the closest we’ve ever been to a self titled release, as this record speaks volumes about what Imminence is as a band. Drawing influences across our discography mixed with our Scandinavian roots, you can hear elements from our entire history, yet fueled by an insatiable hunger. The album is probably the most conceptual we’ve ever created, and I’ve never been more proud of a body of work before. Continuing on the path as previous releases, the lyrical concepts revolve around mental health and depression. But there’s no holding back this time. It’s angrier, more desperate and unhinged, soaking in fear and darkness. We’ve also allowed ourselves to let the album soar out into unexpected spaces, creating a musical journey with stark contrasts between light and darkness. It’s an ”eat-your-heart-out”, unapologetic testament to what Imminence has become. This is the black." - Eddie Berg Embarking on their fifth full-length album release, Imminence continues to navigate diverse musical realms, showcasing a wide variety throughout their journey as a band. The preceding album, "Heaven In Hiding," not only marked a milestone in their discography but also catapulted Imminence's distinct sound and visual narrative into the limelight. This triumph was partly orchestrated by the collaboration of video producer Pavel Trebukhin from TRE Films. Together with the band, Trebukhin realized the visionary music videos that propelled Imminence into a league of their own within the genre. A standout amidst the multitude of acts. In this exciting chapter, Imminence reunites with the accomplished Swedish music producer Henrik Udd, known for his mastery in bringing out the true essence of artists.
Udd's collaboration has once again provided the band with the tools to delve deeper into their musical core, accentuating the individual strengths of each member. - ”I believe we allowed ourselves to take things to the real extremes this time. Looking back at our catalogue, I guess this has always been in our nature, whatever direction we decided to take. If we wanted to go electronic, it was 100%. If we wanted to go acoustic, it was 100%. We would even bring a string quartet and do an acoustic tour in concert churches. There’s really nothing in between, it’s always full dedication with no looking back, and that became so obvious while digging even deeper behind what the last album taught us. From the moment we had the lyric line ”This is the black”, it was just clear what this album was about. It’s a void that devours you, a wounded animal fighting for it’s life, a descent into darkness. This is The Black.” - Harald Barrett Taking a stride into the next phase of the band's journey, Imminence has severed ties with the traditional framework of having a record label backing and opted for the path of independent music release. This decision marks a significant shift in the band's approach, allowing them greater creative freedom and control over their musical endeavors. - ”We've always embraced the DIY ethos – it's at the core of who we are. The success we've attained is a product of our own vision and hard work. While our incredible team has played a crucial role, we remain deeply immersed in every aspect of our band. The decision to go independent wasn't made lightly; we had many internal debates about whether we were up for the challenge. Looking back at the singles released in this cycle and the milestones achieved in such a short time, there's no doubt that going independent was among the wisest choices we've ever made. Our journey is a testament to what can be achieved when you believe in your own abilities. I sincerely hope that this album serves as an inspiration to fellow emerging artists, urging them to pursue their dreams and embrace artistic creativity and independence. It's a rewarding journey, and we encourage anyone who might consider this path to take that leap of faith.” - Harald Barrett Imminence recently embarked on their very first tour in North America and the response was nothing short of extraordinary. In a mere 48 hours, the entire tour was sold out and venues upgraded not just once but twice. This swift and overwhelming success solidified Imminence's status as one of the most sought-after acts in the international music scene. Over 2024, Imminence will make their return to the stage, bringing ”The Black Tour” over USA in April & May and Europe in October, including performances at anchor festivals such as Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville, Download Festival, Full Force, Greenfield, Sweden Rock Festival, Resurrection Fest, Sweden Rock Festival and many more. Closing the chapter on their previous album, "Heaven In Hiding," the band unveiled an exclusive Deluxe Edition release. The single track 'Jaded' (2023) accompanied this release. The band continued their ascent with attention-grabbing "Live In Studio" recordings, triggering viral sensations across social media platforms. Witnessing an impressive growth of over +100,000 followers and millions of streams in just a few months in 2023, Imminence's impact remains unstoppable. Boasting four full-length studio albums, +220 million streams, a combined online following of +580,000, and nearing the 900,000 monthly Spotify listeners mark, Imminence is set to take the throne as the new force within the modern alternative music scene.

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